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Birthday Fundraisers for Charity

Donate your birthday to Action Against Hunger and help save lives

It’s your special day! To celebrate, support a cause you love and help save lives — ask your friends and families for donations instead of gifts.

Why Hunger?

Around 811 million people go to bed hungry every night, and nearly half of all child deaths worldwide are linked to malnutrition.

Many young children never get a chance to live beyond the age of five — even though we can predict, prevent, and treat malnutrition. 

We are the world’s hunger specialist. We have the knowledge and tools to save the lives of malnourished children. We helped more than 25 million people in 2020 with our lifesaving programs, but we need more funds to expand our reach and create a future where no child dies of hunger.

Create Your Birthday Fundraiser

Donating your birthday to save lives with Action Against Hunger is easy. 

Create a fundraising page in a few minutes and then share it with your friends and family via email, text messages and social media. Many of your connections will be happy to support a great cause to honor your special day. You can also connect your Action Against Hunger page directly to Facebook (instructions below), making it easier than ever to boost your donations on social media. 

You will receive a notification every time a donation is received, allowing you to send thanks to your birthday supporters. You will also be able to track the total amount raised so you can celebrate the lifesaving impact that your friends and family have made together. 

We are excited to have you as part of our community, and we look forward to celebrating your birthday with you. 

Connect to Facebook

Connecting your fundraising page to Facebook allows you to collect donations directly on Facebook and have them be added to your Action Against Hunger page automatically. 

Facebook makes it really easy to share your fundraiser with friends and family on the platform and can help you receive more lifesaving donations.

Step 1: During signup, you will have the option to connect your page to Facebook.

Screenshot of step 1 in the facebook fundraiser signup

Step 2: After clicking Create Facebook Fundraiser, it will ask you to authenticate the connection.

Screenshot of step 2 in the facebook fundraiser signup

Step 3: A Facebook fundraising page will be created for you, which you can view by clicking ‘View Facebook Fundraiser’.

Screenshot of step 3 in the facebook fundraiser signup

You can now share your Facebook fundraiser with friends and family, and every donation captured on that page will be automatically recorded on your Action Against Hunger fundraising page. 

You can view and edit your Facebook Fundraising page with this link:

Fundraise Against Hunger

Over 200 campaigners have raised more than $140,000 to help save children from hunger.