Fundraising at Work

Colleagues giving each other a high five

Gather your colleagues to raise funds for Action Against Hunger

Fundraising at work allows you to bring together the collective power of your colleagues to help save children from hunger. People love to support worthy causes, so why not take on a lifesaving challenge? Your team could make a lasting, positive impact on the world.

You can host potlucks, baking challenges, quizzes, fitness challenges or workouts, sweepstakes, karaoke, fancy dress, or any other creative ideas you can think of! Many fundraising activities can be live-streamed so you can involve colleagues across the country or world.

Be sure to talk with your HR department about your campaign for Action Against Hunger as they may be able to match your gifts. A matching sponsor will double your impact and encourage more people to get involved.

Fundraise Against Hunger

Over 200 campaigners have raised more than $140,000 to help save children from hunger. Now we need your help!


Around 828 million people go to bed hungry every night, and nearly half of all child deaths worldwide are linked to malnutrition.

Many young children never get a chance to live beyond the age of five — even though we can predict, prevent, and treat malnutrition. 

We are the world’s hunger specialist. We have the knowledge and tools to save the lives of malnourished children. We helped more than 26 million people in 2021 with our lifesaving programs, but we need more funds to expand our reach and create a future where no child dies of hunger.


Here are some more ideas for fundraising at work. You don’t need to choose just one event. Some fundraisers host a series of events to maximize their funds raised.

  1. Host a sponsored swim, walk or run.
  2. Have a cake sale or potluck.
  3. Run a talent show or karaoke competition.
  4. Have a book sale. Ask colleagues to bring in unused books.
  5. Host an ice cream fundraiser.
  6. Add a spare change jar to your reception. Be bold and take it round to desks.
  7. Create charity wristbands or other craft creations.
  8. Have a themed dress-up day.
  9. Host a video game tournament.
  10. Run a quiz.


  1. Ask your HR team for permission to host a fundraising event.
  2. Create a fundraising profile page.
  3. Share with your colleagues, friends and family.
  4. Receive donations and help us save lives!

After you have permission to host a work fundraising event, sign up here to create your Action Against Hunger fundraising page. It takes just a few minutes to complete. Now you have a personal link that you can share via email, text message and social media.

You can also connect your Action Against Hunger page directly to Facebook (instructions below), making it easier than ever to collect donations on social media.

Once donations start rolling in, you will receive notifications for every gift, allowing you to share your gratitude for their contribution. Together, you will be making a powerful, lifesaving impact.


You can connect your fundraising page to Facebook, Streamlabs, or Twitch. Follow the links below for instructions:


Over 200 fundraisers have raised more than $140,000 to help save children from hunger.