We Asked, You Answered: The Women Who Inspire You

On International Women's Day, we at Action Against Hunger highlighted eight women champions in the fight against hunger, and we asked our supporters to share a message about the powerful women in their lives who inspire them. Below are a selection of the responses. 

From: Temitope
Honoring: Mrs Toyin A.

She's many things to me. My alarm clock; she wakes me up whenever I need to be up, my calendar; she never forgets dates,  my magician; she knows where I keep everything, she's my therapist; she listens to all my worries and inspires goodness in me. She's a superwoman, she's my mother.

From: Billy O.
Honoring: Karen W.

How does she inspire you? She is a Giver Not a Taker, Always looking out for the Underdog, the less fortunate, the underprivileged and those in need of a second chance or helping hand. Spending her own money to buy supplies for the homeless and needy even when she doesn't have hardly any money. She would spend her last dime on someone in need before she would buy something for herself. She is my hero.

From: Mollie S.
Honoring: Christie T.

Christie lived with lung cancer for 8 years before losing her battle to this horrible disease.  She was an inspiration every day. Christie faced her illness with great courage and grace. She fought an amazing fight until the end. Christie embraced her life and demonstrated such gratitude for the every day things we take for granted and sometimes even find annoying.  She inspires me to live each day with gratitude. Christie was my sister in law, but she will always be the sister of my heart.

From: Mojalefa N.
Honoring: Mateboho N.

She is a mother and half.... She is so dedicated to bringing up our four children (2 girls and 2 boys), that she would do nothing that would distract her from looking after them. She does school assignments with them with all tedious attention. Checks their school bags every day when they arrive and pack them carefully scrupulously every morning before they leave for school.

From: Carolyn D.
Honoring: Mary Beth D.

She was married to my oldest brother, Roger.  He died almost two years ago. She has persevered on the family farm ( which will be a 100 year farm next year).  They lost a child to a farm accident in 1990 and she has just been a strong force for her family and friends!! It's a farm in Northwest Iowa.

From: Darlynne S.
Honoring: Conklin and Cellura

they were my grandmothers.  totally ahead of their time.  no matter what happened they worked around it and never let it get the better of them. one came for Ireland all by herself. the other came from Italia with the family. both taught me strength. honor, integrity and the love of life. how my faith was so important. to love growing living things, and to respect them. each were totally different and yet they were so the same. i see them in my daughter and my granddaughter. so i know the future will be good and sound.

From: Godfrey A.
Honoring: Betty A. (South Sudanese refugee)

Her leadership of the mother care groups has fostered resilience in Bidibidi refugee settlement;  Uganda. Through support from Action Against Hunger, she has led these women groups into profitable liquid soap making and marketing as an IGA.

From: Myra
Honoring: Aliya

She lives every day with an immense load on her back, an incredibly long list of chores, and many mouths to feed. She somehow ends every day standing a little straighter than the day before, a list of chores barely smaller than her fingernail, and a house full of full bellies. She is so strong and so clever and so wise.

From: Paula T.
Honoring: Ruth J.

My Aunt Ruth was always an inspiration in my life from when I was little.   She worked hard for her family and worked hard for others. She spent much of her time tending the gardens at a local hospice making what is often a difficult and sad place for families very beautiful.  My Aunt passed away this time four years ago and while I miss her dearly on a daily basis I honor her for her love, compassion and friendship she gave the world every International Women's Day.

From: Maureen V.
Honoring: Rosaura (Rosie) M.

She is a former student who lived in a low income project.  She was exceptionally bright and went on to achieve a law degree.  She became a member of the New York City Council. She did so much good and any of her constituents will agree.  She overcame prejudice against Hispanics, gays, and worked with everybody to improve conditions on the lower east side of Manhattan.  She was honored last year. Most recently she was involved in renaming a NYC street to Ms. Magazine Way.

From: Duncan
Honoring: Peace T.

she is trying to take care of needy children around her poor village, by providing food, clothes & school fees. all from her sweat & love.

From: Alicia G.
Honoring: Judith A. G.

I am inspired by all women. My mother is a big professional inspiration. She became a lawyer in the early 1970's before many women entered the profession, or even law school. She had a remarkable career in public service and argued many cases before the Supreme Court of the United States. I stand on her shoulders.

From: Pamela P.
Honoring: Georganna D.

Georganna Deas' wisdom and leadership is extraordinary. Georgie as she is affectionately know was named the Mayor of Coney Island. Georgie is always willing to give encouragement, advice and support to all who ask. Georgie is my hero.

From: Mamili C.
Honoring: Beatrice M.

Having been left a widow at thirty with three kids the youngest at 2 months old, rejected and chased away by the husbands family, this lady has struggled for her life at that of her kids, ensuring that they get education, eat health and are disciplined. In her I find a courageous, hardworking and goal getter.

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