Ali, middle, and his siblings use their fingers to share their ages. Their family is from Raqqa, Syria, and fled to Lebanon as refugees last year.

Syrian Refugee Children Share Dreams for the Future

This month marks eight years of conflict in Syria

Eight years have passed since the conflict in Syria began in March 2011. More than 5.6 million Syrians have fled to neighboring countries, seeking safety as refugees. Millions more have been forced to leave their homes, but stayed within Syria’s borders – the UN’s Refugee Agency estimates that 6.2 million people are internally displaced.

Action Against Hunger works in Syria and its neighboring countries, doing everything we can to meet the urgent needs of women, men, and children affected by the conflict. We support refugees, displaced people, and the communities that host them. Our teams provide food assistance and nutrition support, build resilience, improve access to clean water and safe sanitation, and more to help families survive.

More than half of Syria’s displaced population are children – thousands of whom have lived their whole lives in instability. Some, born as refugees, have never even seen the country their parents and grandparents called home.

To mark the eighth year of the Syrian conflict, we are sharing the stories of eight-year-old refugee children – girls and boys who have never known a Syria at peace. Growing up in a refugee camp in Lebanon, they have made friends, studied in school, played sports, and dreamed of a future where they can be teachers, lawyers, artist, and engineers.

Refugee Children Share Their Hopes

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