Statement on Ceasefire in Gaza

A ceasefire between Israel and Palestinian armed groups in Gaza was announced yesterday, May 20. Now, it is fundamental that the ceasefire is sustained, allowing humanitarian organizations to access people who need help, respond to urgent needs, and relieve the suffering of Gazan civilians, especially children.

Although precise damage assessments have not yet been possible due to hostilities and lack of humanitarian access, we have witnessed the impact on our programs and on our colleagues. It is already clear that long-term support to Gaza will be necessary. The engagement from the international community will be crucial. While we will respond to immediate humanitarian needs, we should not forget the longer-term consequences that this conflict will have on access to health and other basic services.

Action Against Hunger will scale up our work in Gaza, maintaining our dedication to protect and respond to the needs of people throughout the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Our immediate response in Gaza will focus on ensuring access to safe and clean water and sanitation and hygiene facilities. We will also provide support to help people improve their food security and livelihoods, among many other activities. 

While a ceasefire has been agreed upon in Gaza, we must not forget about the situation in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem. We must break the cycles of violence and address the root causes of conflict in the region. Action Against Hunger calls on the international community to continue working with all parties to find a fair solution that allows everyone to live in peace and dignity.

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