Nigeria: Action Against Hunger Condemns Execution of Four More Hostages and Calls for Immediate Release of Remaining Hostage

The armed group responsible for kidnapping six humanitarian workers in northeast Nigeria on July 18, 2019, today claimed that they have executed four hostages. This brings the number of fatalities to five. We extend our deepest sympathies to their loved ones and our colleagues in Nigeria.

Last July, an employee of Action Against Hunger, two drivers, and three health ministry personnel were kidnapped while delivering humanitarian aid to extremely vulnerable people in Borno State. The first hostage to be executed from the group was killed at the end of September earlier this year.

Action Against Hunger condemns these latest killings in the strongest terms and deeply regrets that calls for the release of the hostages have not been acted upon. We are extremely concerned and call for the immediate release of our staff member, Grace, who remains in captivity.

Action Against Hunger states categorically that every attack against humanitarian workers ultimately impacts vulnerable civilians. 

Action Against Hunger is currently providing food assistance every month to approximately 300,000 people in northeast Nigeria who have no access to livelihoods and food. In addition, our teams are reaching thousands more with lifesaving health and nutrition services.  

Action Against Hunger requests that the public and media respect the dignity of the victims and the privacy of their families by not sharing images or videos that may circulate on the Internet.

Action Against Hunger has no further comments at this stage.

Action Against Hunger is the world’s hunger specialist and leader in a global movement that aims to end life-threatening hunger for good within our lifetimes. For more than 40 years, the humanitarian and development organization has been on the front lines, treating and preventing hunger across nearly 50 countries. It served more than 17 million people in 2019 alone.