Kenya: How Elisabeth Spends Her Day

Elisabeth, 28, lives in the village of Tupendane in central Kenya. Last year, the youngest of her five children suffered from malnutrition – thankfully, the little girl was diagnosed by our community volunteers and she received the treatment she needed to regain her health.

As her daughter recovered, Elisabeth learned how to use a tool as simple and lifesaving as a thermometer: the middle-upper arm circumference (MUAC) band. The color-coded measuring tape allows anyone to detect acute malnutrition and now, she can not only screen her own children, but help other families, too.

Today, Elisabeth is a lead volunteer in her community. "I like to help as others have helped me,” she says. “I cannot read or write, but I have acquired some knowledge and I feel a duty to pass it on. When I explain something important to a woman who does not know it, I feel that I am doing something important for her life."

A day in Elisabeth’s life

7:30 AM
Elisabeth wakes up at the crow of the rooster. Her husband is already awake and dressed. He gives her a kiss on the cheek and leaves the house for work.

8:00 AM
She helps her children get ready for school. 

8:30 AM
Elisabeth is back at home with two of her daughters: the one-year-old girl is too young for school and the three-year-old is home sick today. She prepares breakfast for the three of them: Milk tea with puff–puff, a deep-fried dough.

Elisabeth with two of her daughters.

Photo: Lys Arango
for Action Against Hunger, Kenya

9:00 AM
All three of them sit on the ground and eat together.

10:30 AM
While her daughters play around her, Elisabeth washes the dishes. Some relatives stop by for a visit.

Elisabeth takes the donkeys out.

Photo: Lys Arango
for Action Against Hunger, Kenya

11:30 AM
Elisabeth takes the donkeys out of the house and walks them to the woods so they can eat some grass. The donkeys are the most precious animals she has: they carry the firewood that she cuts in the forest and sells to her neighbors.

1:30 PM
Back in the village, Elisabeth cut the firewood she gathered in small pieces. One woman comes and buy wood, then another quickly follows. It’s a good day: Elisabeth sells everything in just four hours. Other days, she cannot sell even half of it.

Elisabeth gathers firewood to sell at the village market.

Photo: Lys Arango
for Action Against Hunger, Kenya

5:30 PM
Elisabeth walks to the market to buy some food.

6:00 PM
Everyone is back home. While the children play, Elisabeth prepares dinner: Ugali, a dense paste made by cooking cornmeal in boiling water and vegetables.

6:40 PM
The family eats together, sitting on the ground and sharing the meal from one plate.

7:00 PM
Elisabeth cleans the kitchen and when the sun goes down, everyone goes to sleep.

Photo: Lys Arango
for Action Against Hunger, Kenya

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