More than 460,000 people are estimated to have been displaced in the Far North region of Cameroon as a result of violence. Here, displaced people build a temporary shelter in Goji Goji camp.

Cameroon: Alarming Lack of Resources to Combat Malnutrition in Far North

Just 30% of humanitarian needs are currently funded in Cameroon, where the security and nutrition crisis continues to deteriorate in the Far North region. Action Against Hunger calls on donors to further commit to meeting the urgent needs of people in this region.

The resurgence of attacks by armed groups in recent months in the Far North is extremely concerning. Between October and December 2019, the number of attacks increased by 72.5%. Nearly 140 attacks occurred during the two last months of the year. We have not seen this level of violence in Cameroon since 2016.

Conflict has forced more than 460,000 people to flee their homes, an increase of 10% in displacement from April to December 2019.

“In some areas, such as around Kolofata, more than 80% of the population spends nights away from their homes and comes back only during the day to look after the fields, due to fear of attack. Other consequences include looting of health facilities and schools and restricted access to these facilities by the most vulnerable people, such as pregnant women, children under five, and those suffering from illness," says Aurélie Carmeille, Action Against Hunger Country Director in Cameroon.  

Insecurity has led to a deteriorating nutrition situation in some border areas, and many communities do not have sufficient access to programs that prevent and treat severe acute malnutrition -- the deadliest form of hunger. Our teams are treating more than 7,350 children under five years old suffering from severe acute malnutrition, an increase of more than 64% from the 4,766 number of children expected during this period. According to estimates, more than 230,000 people in the area are experiencing food insecurity right now. 

“Despite the sharp increase in needs observed by our teams on the ground, it is extremely difficult to mobilize donors and we do not have the means to respond to current needs,” continued Carmeille.

Donors are urgently needed to meet the needs of the people in this region. 

Action Against Hunger has been working in Cameroon since 2014. In addition to emergency interventions for displaced persons and refugees, Action Against Hunger’s projects there help to strengthen people’s livelihoods. Each year, our teams reach nearly 300,000 people across the country.

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