Action Against Hunger Applauds U.S. Pledge to Take Action on Climate

Action Against Hunger welcomes President Biden’s commitment to cut emissions by half by the end of the decade. It is critical this pledge translates into action, since climate change is one of the main drivers of hunger globally. As a signatory to the NGO Climate Compact, we firmly believe that addressing the environment and climate change are central to our mission to end hunger.

Until 2014, the world was making steady progress in lowering the rates of chronic hunger, a trend that reversed in recent years. Today, hunger is on the rise around the world, and the climate crisis is one leading cause. Severe droughts, flooding, hurricanes and other extreme weather events limit people’s capacity to produce food and generate income. Action Against Hunger works in many of the most climate-affected countries in the world, and climate-induced hunger is a reality that families cope with on a daily basis.

In addition to chronic climate stress, we help vulnerable communities deal with climate-related natural disasters that are growing in frequency and severity. More than 80% of the world’s hungriest people live in disaster-prone countries. We are seeing a near doubling of the number of natural disasters now as compared to pre-2000 data. Increasing frequency of extreme weather events, altered environmental conditions, and the related spread of pests and diseases, contribute to vicious circles of poverty and hunger.

We urge the Biden administration – and all governments, globally – to support a transformation of the global food system in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and climate-related hunger. To address hunger and growing humanitarian needs, it is imperative to tackle the root causes of climate change. Inefficient and harmful food systems are a significant contributor to global emissions. Action Against Hunger supports food production systems that enable heathy, nutritious and diverse diets that minimize environmental impact and benefit small scale farmers.

While climate change impacts everyone, it takes a disproportionate toll on vulnerable communities. Now is the time for action to address the climate crisis and end hunger for everyone, for good.

Action Against Hunger is the world’s hunger specialist and leader in a global movement that aims to end life-threatening hunger for good within our lifetimes. For more than 40 years, the humanitarian and development organization has been on the front lines, treating and preventing hunger across nearly 50 countries. It served more than 17 million people in 2019 alone.