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We're providing lifesaving treatment to malnourished children.
Photo: Olivia Acland
for Action Against Hunger,
Democratic Republic of Congo

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We're distributing COVID-19 vaccines to people in hard-to-reach and vulnerable communities.
Photo: Mohamed Abdihakim
for Action Against Hunger,

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We’re improving safe sanitation and teaching good hygiene practices to prevent the spread of disease.
Photo: Peter Caton
for Action Against Hunger,
South Sudan

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We’re responding to natural disasters and other emergencies whenever disaster strikes.
Photo: Sudharak Olwe
for Action Against Hunger,

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We're strengthening health systems and improving access to essential health services.
Photo: Ferna Pineda
for Action Against Hunger,

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We're partnering with refugees, displaced families, and host communities to keep children well-nourished and healthy.
Photo: Peter Caton
for Action Against Hunger,

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We're empowering women entrepreneurs to provide for themselves and their families.
Photo: Khaula Jamil
for Action Against Hunger,

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We’re using solar-powered wells to expand access to safe, clean water in drought-affected regions.
Photo: Brian Kimanthi
for Action Against Hunger,

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We’re teaching climate-smart growing techniques that give communities sustainable access to food and income.
Photo: Stéphane Rakotomalala
for Action Against Hunger,

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