Communications and Research Uptake

An important part of the Research on Food Assistance for Nutritional Impact (REFANI) project is to share findings with key audiences. A research uptake strategy (RUS) is currently being implemented by the REFANI project, which includes all the activities that facilitate the use of REFANI results by decision-makers in both policy and practice.

Building off of the Research Uptake guidelines of the UK’s Department for International Development, the REFANI RUS shares the outcomes with key stakeholders, ensuring that all messages are relevant and tailored to the interests and needs of each organisation. This personalised approach will be informed by feedback obtained from stakeholder engagement throughout the life of the project.

The REFANI website will be consistently updated with project briefs, interviews with experts and related news. For more information on the RUS or press requests, please see the REFANI Research Uptake Update, or contact the project’s Communications and Research Uptake Officer, Zvia Shwirtz.


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