5 April 2017, Dakar, Senegal: REFANI Cash/Nutrition and WASH/Nutrition Research Event - REFANI, with coordination and support from World Food Programme and the Cash Learning Partnership (CaLP), hosted a day-long research event with participation from multiple nutrition, cash and WASH research projects, focused on West Africa (Niger, Togo, Chad, Mali, Burkina Faso). A summary of this event can be found here

28 February 2017, Islamabad, Pakistan: REFANI Nutrition Research Event - REFANI hosted a two-day research conference with participation from multiple nutrition research projects which are ongoing/recently concluded in Pakistan. A summary of this event can be found here

4 October 2016, London, UK: What does it Mean to Implement a Research Uptake Strategy? - REFANI hosted a panel discussion on its experiences from implementing a research uptake strategy. The panel included speakers from all three REFANI studies (Pakistan, Somalia and Niger), as well as the project's communications and research uptake officer. A summary of this event can be found here

2 February 2016, London, UK: Research Uptake in A Humanitarian Context - DFID hosted a panel discussion on designing and implementing a research uptake strategy, with speakers participating from the REFANI Consortium, DFID, ODI, and Oxfam. A summary of this event can be found here



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