COVID-19 Learning Agenda

Beginning in March 2020, Action Against Hunger initiated the development of a COVID-19 Learning Agenda to capture an emerging body of information and evidence on COVID-19’s impact on programming. While initially focused on Infection, Prevention, and Control measures, the scope of the agenda eventually grew to consider adaptations to standard approaches that would ensure the continuity of Action Against Hunger’s programming. This agenda will facilitate learning among and sharing between country teams and regional and headquarter offices and lead to more agile and effective operations.

At its core, the agenda is designed to encourage Action Against Hunger team members to fully engage with opportunities to document learnings aligned with this document presented by the unique context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Learning priorities were identified and refined at a global level, while simultaneously priorities were identified for each country office. An action plan to track and support progress against the various learning priorities identified in the agenda will be developed to foster a steady stream of evidence building products over the coming 18-24 months.