Sowing the Seeds of Good Nutrition; Kenya Case Study: Reconciling Agriculture and Nutrition

This study analyzes the integration of nutrition concerns into agricultural and food security interventions in Kenya, and is part of a wider study that includes Burkina Faso and Peru. The study answers the following three questions: (1) How do agricultural policies and programmes integrate nutritional issues? (2) What are the main constraints to designing and implementing nutrition-sensitive agricultural interventions? (3) What could be the main recommendations to alleviate these constraints? Today, over 10 million people in Kenya (around 32% of the total population) suffer from chronic food insecurity which affects approximately 35% of children under five years of age. This issue has seen little to no improvement since 1998 due to differences in vision, between the Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation (MoPHS) and the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA), which still continues to delay the issue. While the issue has a solid framework through Kenya’s introduction of new policy’s and inclusion into the SUN network, cooperation continues to cause issues leading to a lack of improvement.