Sowing the Seeds of Good Nutrition

In 2013, 870 million people are still undernourished while 2 billion people are affected by micronutrient malnutrition or "hidden hunger".  Agriculture is a major component of local food systems, these systems allow people to produce, transform, distribute and consume food.  Making agricultural policies deliver better nutrition represents one of the greatest challenges as well as one of the greatest opportunities to achieving good nutrition for the hungry and undernourished people of the world.  This report aims to assess to what extent the global agenda on nutrition and agriculture is actually translating into action at country level, based on three country case studies conducted in Burkina Faso, Kenya, and Peru.  The report aims to answer three main questions: -- (1) How do national agricultural policies integrate nutritional issues? (2) What are the main constraints to agricultural policies improving efforts to end undernutrition? (3) How best could these constraints be alleviated?