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Today's global consumers see companies as more than just profit-making entities - they think companies have the responsibility and opportunity to make effective social and environmental change. 

  • Given similar price and quality, 90% of consumers are likely to switch brands to one associated with a good cause. 
  • 91% of Americans say when a company supports social or environmental issues, they have a more positive image of it. 
  • 80% of consumers tell friends and family about a company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts
  • 62% of consumers would work for a socially  responsible company, even if the salary was less than other companies.
  • Global consumers consider a company’s CSR commitments when they look to which companies they want doing business in their communities (84%), where to seek employment (79%) and what investments to make (67%).

SOURCE: Cone Corporate Citizenship Studies (2015)


  • Our Life-Saving Mission: Our critically important work saves thousands of children each year from deadly malnutrition.
  • We Do Not Outsource: ACF staff carry out programs in 45+ countries worldwide, ensuring quality control and cost-effective strategies that guarantee the delivery of assistance to those in need.
  • Our Innovative Track Record: ACF’s contributions to the field of emergency nutrition are renowned, from developing life-saving milk formulas to therapeutic food products like Plumpy’nut.
  • Sustainable Solutions to Hunger: We integrate our programs with local and national health systems to transform tactical interventions into long-term solutions.
  • Oversight and Transparency: For the last eight years, we have received the top rating (four stars) from the independent watchdog Charity Navigator.
  • Our Global Reputation: Our reputation for technical and program excellence is underscored by longstanding partnerships with government and UN agencies (e.g., WFP, UNICEF).
  • High Visibility: We have headquarters and offices in global media and financial centers: New York, Paris, London, Madrid, Toronto, Milan and Berlin.


  • Direct Donations: Support our life-saving programs with a financial contribution
  • Cause-Related Marketing: Leverage our brand to market a product, event, or initiative.
  • In-Kind Support: Donate in-house marketing, creative, or consulting expertise.
  • Sponsorship: Enhance your brand awareness by sponsoring an event or an advertisement campaign.
  • Employee Involvement: Build a better work environment by encouraging employees to contribute time, money, or expertise.

Each unique partnership is supported through reporting tools, photos, and video that connect your employees and clientele to Action Against Hunger’s lifesaving efforts around the world. 

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