South Sudan Declares Famine: How to Help the Millions in Need

February 20, 2017

Famine was declared in two areas of South Sudan on Monday, with the United Nations and the country’s government warning that 100,000 people were facing starvation with an additional one million people on the brink of famine. A civil war that has raged in the world’s newest country for more than three years, together with an economic crisis, was blamed for what has been described as a “man-made” famine.

Agencies have warned that, along with peace and security in the affected countries, more formal assistance was needed to support an aid network straining to cope. Humanitarian funding reached a record high last year. However, agencies still had only just over half of their funding needs met, according to the U.N.’s humanitarian chief Stephen O’Brien.

There are a number of agencies people can donate to in order to help those in need in South Sudan, including Action Against Hunger.

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