Farmington native, jobless college grad plans long walk to benefit Haitians

March 26, 2010

"On Saturday, Dibb will begin a 100-day walk from Lake Calhoun to Miami — 1,800 miles — to raise $100,000 for survivors of the Jan. 12 Haitian earthquake, which killed 230,000 and left 700,000 homeless. The money will go to Action Against Hunger, an international agency assisting in Haiti since 1985. The group has partnered before with other adventure seekers before Dibb. In 2008, Jack Sisson rollerbladed 3,000 miles from Virginia to California to raise $10,000 for the organization. Sophie Denis climbed Mount Everest that year, raising $3,000. But Dibb will be the first to walk the country for the organization, said Susannah Masur, spokeswoman for Action Against Hunger. 'That's a pretty inspiring thing,' she said."