Easily distracted but vital; what NGOs really think about journalists

February 18, 2015

A report published yesterday detailed the increasing tendency of some parts of the British media to look critically at NGOs and their work. It pointed to the need for greater scrutiny of the sector, as well as greater honesty within it... . But some within the sector point out in response that although journalists can play a critical role in getting important stories to the public, they themselves are not always the easiest or most sensitive people to work with. … Above all, journalists are seen as potentially vital allies in getting the issues across to the public. … As Leah Oatway, senior communications officer at Action Against Hunger, says: “We need the media, in its fourth estate role, to share messages on important issues or crises that are under-reported and require international support, to encourage world leaders to make positive commitments to alleviate poverty, and to hold them accountable for those commitments.”

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