Action Against Hunger South Sudan, T.Frank
Action Against Hunger South Sudan, T.Frank

Action Against Hunger’s international network produces a variety of published works from context analysis and regional assessments to community surveys and field reports.

Recent Publications

State of the Evidence 2021 - Modifications Aiming to Optimize Acute Malnutrition Management in Children under Five

August, 2021

Nearly 50 million children under five suffer from acute malnutrition, or extreme hunger, each year. These children typically receive treatment through a program called community-based management of acute malnutrition (CMAM). However, less than 20% of children with the most severe form of acute malnutrition have access to treatment.

COVID-19 Learning Agenda

November, 2020

Beginning in March 2020, Action Against Hunger initiated the development of a COVID-19 Learning Agenda to capture an emerging body of information and evidence on COVID-19’s impact on programming. While initially focused on Infection, Prevention, and Control measures, the scope of the agenda eventually grew to consider adaptations to standard approaches that would ensure the continuity of Action Against Hunger’s programming. This agenda will facilitate learning among and sharing between country teams and regional and headquarter offices and lead to more agile and...

2019 Learning Review

August, 2020

Learning is the transformative process that turns information into knowledge. Continuous learning, reflection and adaptation is critical to building knowledge and evidence. Through collectively capturing and sharing knowledge we are enabled to build on what we have learned, and increase the quality of our work. At Action Against Hunger, we are committed to making learning a core part of our culture. We strive to develop ways to make learning and evidence from practice easily accessible, enabling us and others to improve and design higher quality and more accountable...

Horn & Eastern Africa Regional Annual Report 2019

August, 2020

The Horn and Eastern Africa Regional Office (HEARO) oversees Action Against Hunger’s operations in the region, providing strategic and operational support to our country programmes. HEARO’s approach is based on leveraging new opportunities at regional level, as we strengthen capacity at the local level. The regional office supports six countries to deliver the global vision: Kenya, South Sudan, Somalia, Uganda, Tanzania and Ethiopia.

Latin America & the Caribbean Regional Annual Report 2019

August, 2020

In 2019, the humanitarian situation that has generated the greatest concern in Latin America is surely the socio-economic situation affecting Venezuela, where an estimated 7 million people need humanitarian attention, of whom 2.6 million have been prioritized in the Humanitarian Response Plan for 2019, which has been widely under-financed. In fact, the biggest constraint on the provision of humanitarian assistance in the country is still funding, according to the United Nations.

COVID-19 and the Risks to the Nutritional Outcomes of Children and Women in Eastern and Southern Africa

July, 2020

A joint call to protect the nutritional status of the most vulnerable women and children across Eastern and Southern Africa from the effects of COVID-19, issued by Action Against Hunger, Catholic Relief Services, Concern Worldwide, the International Rescue Committee, Save the Children, the UN Refugee Agency, UNICEF, the World Food Program, and the World Health Organization. 

COVID-19 Impact: The Seeds of a Future Hunger Pandemic?

July, 2020

In past pandemics, we have seen that more people can die from the indirect consequences of an outbreak than from the disease itself. As the fight against the pandemic pushes millions into poverty and hunger, COVID-19 will likely be no different.

COVID-19 in Somalia: High Risk of Increased Deaths as Pandemic Disrupts Fragile Health System

July, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the resilience of Somalia’s fragile health system, a country already affected by multiple humanitarian crises, having experienced conflict, drought, floods, and a locust invasion within the last nine months alone. The COVID-19 crisis will inevitably inflict more harm on a weakened and fragile health system. 


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