A refugee camp in Jordan, home to thousands of Syrian refugees.
Lys Arango
Action Against Hunger, Jordan

The State of Hunger in Syria

Syria faces multiple, interlinked crises. Conflict has shattered the country’s infrastructure, forcing people to flee their homes. Millions of families are displaced within Syria, and millions more have fled to neighboring countries.

More than a decade since the conflict in Syria began, the number of Syrians at risk of hunger has reached record high levels. While violence has reduced somewhat, inflation and a struggling economy have increased needs to the point that they are outpacing families’ abilities to cope. An estimated 12.4 million people suffer from food insecurity.

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How We're Helping in Syria

Action Against Hunger helps communities in Syria recover from conflict and we distribute emergency water, sanitation, and food supplies. We provide frontline workers with psychosocial support and help build local capacity to treat malnutrition. Our teams also raise awareness about good hygiene and health issues in health centers, schools, and communities.

A water distribution in Aleppo.

People Reached By Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Programs

A Syrian refugee child in Lebanon.

People Reached By Nutrition & Health Programs


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