An Action Against Hunger staff member stands in front of an open dump near Azaraq Town.
Sébastien Duijndam
Action Against Hunger, Jordan

The State of Hunger in Jordan

Jordan is one of the most water-scarce countries in the world, a crisis exacerbated by poor infrastructure, climate change, and population growth. The country hosts the second largest number of refugees per capita in the world, primarily from Syria.

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How We're Helping in Jordan

Action Against Hunger is a leader in providing water, sanitation, and hygiene services to refugees and host communities in Jordan. Our teams have created “Cash for Work” and waste management programs to improve livelihoods. We are also helping to strengthen health systems, provide mental health services, and teach parents how to keep their children healthy and well-nourished.

An Action Against Hunger staff member gets ready for a hygiene education session.

People Reached By Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Programs

Action Against Hunger staff unload supplies in Jordan.

People Benefited From Food Security & Livelihoods Programs

A refugee camp in Jordan, home to thousands of Syrian refugees.

Refugees Living in Jordan


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