In a displacement camp in Iraq, children hold hands in a circle and play together.
Sébastien Duijndam
Action Against Hunger, Iraq

The State of Hunger in Iraq

Iraq’s conflict with the Islamic State (IS), which took place from 2014 to 2017, dramatically increased humanitarian needs and caused several waves of displacement. The consequences of this conflict continue to be felt today.

Millions of refugees have returned to their home country, despite the fact that resources and opportunities for livelihoods remain limited and infrastructure has yet to be rebuilt. Throughout Iraq, continued conflicts, displacement, and drought exacerbate mental health, safety, water, hygiene, and sanitation needs.

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How We're Helping in Iraq

Action Against Hunger provides holistic support to prevent hunger among displaced people and host communities in Iraq. We provide business grants, cash for work programs, and home garden training, and help schools, health facilities, and agricultural communities maintain access to clean water.

In a displacement camp in Iraq, children play soccer.

People Displaced Inside Iraq Due to Conflict

A displaced woman holds her daughter in a tent

Of People Live Below the Poverty Line

A displacement camp in northern Iraq.
Sébastien Duijndam
Action Against Hunger, Iraq
Wasfi Al Sarhan, Action Against Hunger project manager, looks out over an arid landscape in Jordan.
Sébastien Duijndam
Action Against Hunger, Jordan
A boy splashes water on his face at a tap installed by Action Against Hunger.
Lys Arango
Action Against Hunger, Iraq

Action Against Hunger supports community efforts to prevent and resolve conflicts. Our teams train public health workers in mental health care and provide therapy to conflict survivors and former combatants to help them deal with trauma.

Our teams help farmers to cope with climate shocks by building sustainable irrigation and resource management systems. We provide training and scholarships for people to earn more income, learn climate-resilient growing techniques, and support their local markets.

We developed a tool for communities and national partners to assess their water security, and help them to establish water systems that can withstand climate shocks.

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