Ukrainian refugees face winter weather as they cross the border into Moldova.
Gonzalo Höhr
Action Against Hunger, Moldova

The State of Hunger in Poland

The war in Ukraine is threatening the lives and livelihoods of millions of civilians. An estimated 7 million people have fled the country to escape the conflict, seeking refuge in neighboring countries, including Poland. Displaced families have left behind jobs, belongings, and loved ones, and they need shelter, food, and water.

How We're Helping in Poland

Action Against Hunger launched emergency programs in 2022 to support the immediate needs of Ukrainian refugees in Poland. We provide essential items, like blankets and toiletries, as well as cash to help people buy what they need to survive. Our teams are also working to support water, sanitation, and mental health services.

Ukrainian refugees cross the border into Dolhobyczow, Poland

Ukrainian Refugees Currently in Poland


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