Ukrainian refugees in a reception center a few miles from the border in Moldova.
Gonzalo Höhr
Action Against Hunger, Moldova
Ukrainian refugees face winter weather as they board a bus and cross the border into Moldova.

The war in Ukraine has driven millions of people from their homes, displacing them throughout Europe.

Ukrainian refugees face winter weather as they board a bus and cross the border into Moldova.
Staff and volunteers distribute hot meals and drinks to Ukrainian refugees.
A woman asks for help at a shelter for Ukrainian refugees.
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The state of hunger in Europe

Since the conflict in Ukraine began in February 2022, millions of families have been forced to flee their homes. Humanitarian needs are growing across the region.


Ukrainian Refugees Across Europe


People in Need As a Result of the War in Ukraine


Children Displaced Inside Ukraine

Where we work in Europe

A woman at a rally in support of the people of Ukraine.
Annabelle Chih
Two aid workers in a warehouse full of emergency supplies to help Ukrainian refugees.
Dolores Posadas
Action Against Hunger, Moldova
Ukrainian refugees arrive by bus in Palanca, a town on the border of Moldova and Ukraine.
Gonzalo Höhr
Action Against Hunger, Moldova

“The fear is so great it’s impossible to describe. As teachers, we told the children of genocides, wars and hunger in class. But what do you say now when you see it? We couldn’t find the words.””

— Irina, Natalia, and Olha, refugees from Kharkiv, Ukraine

Action Against Hunger is supporting Ukrainian refugees and displaced families with essential supplies, cash, and mental health care.

"Take care of your children. Take care of your parents. Spend more time with them." ”

— Alexandria, Ukrainian refugee

How Action Against Hunger Supports Ukrainians Fleeing Conflict

Across Europe, Action Against Hunger provides emergency and longer-term support to people impacted by the war in Ukraine.

Inside Ukraine, our top priorities are to:

  • provide mental health support
  • strengthen the health system to meet increasing health needs,
  • support local traders to ensure access to essential goods
  • provide emergency cash assistance
  • support health supply chains so that medicines and other medical necessities reach areas of active conflict

In neighboring countries in Europe, Action Against Hunger helps refugees by:

  • improving access to safe sanitation and clean water
  • distributing meals and basic items such as beds and blankets
  • providing mental health support
  • setting up child-friendly spaces
  • providing emergency cash transfers to vulnerable families