A woman farms crops in Kenya.
Lameck Ododo
Action Against Hunger, Kenya

The State of Hunger in Kenya

Despite the country’s economic gains over the past decade, two-thirds of Kenyans live in poverty. The need to prevent and treat hunger in Kenya is as pressing as ever, as the most severe drought in 40 years is driving alarming levels of food insecurity. Communities face immense challenges, including widespread livestock deaths due to lack of rain, failed harvests, malnutrition, and poverty.

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How We're Helping in Kenya

Action Against Hunger works with our partners in Kenya to increase access to clean water and safe sanitation, save lives by treating malnutrition, improve livelihoods by helping farmers and herders deal with climate change, and prevent hunger by working with mothers to start gardens and businesses and to learn about health and nutrition.

The women of the community located in Ltungai leave a few minutes to fill the 15-litre containers with water in a hole where the water is stagnant, between two rocks. The water is not drinkable, full of bacteria.

People Reached By Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Programs


People Reached By Nutrition & Health Programs

Action Against Hunger repaired and upgraded the borehole in Rosina's community, allowing the women to irrigate their kitchen gardens.
Peter Caton
Action Against Hunger, Kenya
Rose shows the MUAC band, a tool to help mothers detect malnutrition at home.
Peter Caton
Action Against Hunger, Kenya

In Kenya, we advocate to improve health services, promote proper nutrition to prevent hunger and improve health, and develop policy guidelines on safe and healthy child-feeding practices.

To prevent the spread of disease and reduce malnutrition, we install handwashing stations, train health workers, and spread messages about healthy hygiene habits through radio and roadshows.

We work with mothers and community health workers to help more families detect malnutrition at home, sooner, so they can seek lifesaving treatment for their children.

Empowering Mothers to Detect Acute Malnutrition in Kenya

To help communities cope with disasters, we provide cash to vulnerable families, allowing them to buy what they need to survive, including food, medicine, and school fees.

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