Ivory Coast

Girls play in their neighborhood in Abidjan, a city in the south of Ivory Coast.
Sebastien Dujindam
Action Against Hunger, Ivory Coast

The State of Hunger in Ivory Coast

While Ivory Coast is rich in crops like cocoa, cotton, and cashews, conflict frequently disrupts critical planting and harvesting times for farmers. Crop deficits, trade embargoes, and widespread poverty make the lean season—the annual period of food scarcity—difficult.

More than 20% of children under five in Ivory Coast are stunted. There are significant water, sanitation, and hygiene needs: one in five families does not have access to drinking water.

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How We're Helping in Ivory Coast

Action Against Hunger works to provide health services and strengthen the health system in Ivory Coast. We partner with a wide range of local community members to improve the quality of and access to health services.

A woman walks down a dirt road in Ivory Coast.

People Reached By Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Programs

Health workers provide care to a mother and child in Ivory Coast.

People Reached By Nutrition & Health Programs

A pregnant woman waits inside a health center in Bacabo, Ivory Coast.
Guillaume Binet
Action Against Hunger, Ivory Coast
Girls walk down the road in Ivory Coast.
Sebastien Dujindam
Action Against Hunger, Ivory Coast

We provide health services to vulnerable people, including women and young children, in the poorest parts of the capital city, Abidjan.

We're helping young people in a variety of ways, including our innovative mobile application which improves access to information and care in sexual and reproductive health. We are providing them with mental health support.

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