Democratic Republic of Congo

A woman who recently gave birth sits on a bed with her nurse and baby.
Olivia Acland
Action Against Hunger, DRC

The State of Hunger in DRC

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is Africa’s second largest country, with great mineral and natural resources. For decades, DRC has suffered a multitude of crises: conflicts, political tensions, epidemics, undernutrition, and food insecurity. One in four people in DRC are experiencing a food crisis, 5.4 million of whom are struggling to survive on the brink of famine.

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How We're Helping in DRC

Action Against Hunger is responding to nutrition crises throughout Democratic Republic of Congo. We provide lifesaving treatment for malnourished children and mothers and we offer medical services that include pre- and postnatal care, mental health and wellbeing, and sexual and reproductive health.

Cécile Tabo Mapamadjo, 28, shops for her family with support from Action Against Hunger at the Largu Food Market, in Ituri, eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

People Reached By Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Programs

A health worker checks the nutrition status of a young boy as his mother holds him.

People Reached By Health & Nutrition Programs

A psycho-social worker meets with women in Kichanga, DRC
Olivia Acland
Action Against Hunger, Democratic Republic of Congo
Women wait for prenatal appointments outside of Kibarizo Health Center.
Olivia Acland
Action Against Hunger, DRC
An Action Against Hunger aid workers teaches a farmer skills to help his crops grow.
Alexis Huguet
Action Against Hunger, DRC

When disaster strikes, our emergency teams deploy to improve access to clean water, provide mental health services, and treat malnutrition.

Our technical experts work with government partners and local organizations to share knowledge and strengthen their capacity to fight hunger.

Our teams support families in conflict-affected areas to improve food security and rebuild their lives by providing seeds and tools to replant fields, offering training and tools to start businesses, and reinvigorating local markets.

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