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2X Match: Crowdfund Challenge

Children in Somalia need our help. In the last year, more than one million children were diagnosed with severe acute malnutrition—but only one in four had access to treatment. You can change that.

Help fund a lifesaving nutrition center in Mogadishu, Somalia, to treat more children in urgent need.

Crowdfunding Progress

Our goal is to raise $70,000 to fund a nutrition center in Mogadishu for six months. Today there’s extra incentive to achieve this goal: our generous partner Humble Bundle will match every gift made to keep a center running for a full year.


Nutrition centers save lives. At our 26 nutrition centers across Somalia, children are screened, diagnosed, treated, and monitored for malnutrition every single day.

By funding a center, you equip our teams with things like: 

  • infant weighing scales and thermometers
  • emergency medicines
  • screening rooms and beds
  • mosquito nets
  • measuring tapes
  • feeding tubes

...And more! You ensure access to handwashing stations, safe drinking water, and the ability to monitor the progress of children to make sure they’ll be okay. You also help our teams teach moms and other caregivers about health and nutrition, to prevent their children from falling sick again.

Child receiving lifesaving care in a nutrition center.

Child receiving lifesaving care in a nutrition center.

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Action Against Hunger


After more than 22 years of conflict and drought, Somalia is one of the world’s most fragile places. In most parts of the country, there are no clinics or ambulances—there’s barely a road.

Action Against Hunger's teams have been working in Somalia for more than 25 years and do whatever it takes to help people in need. Last year, with the help of supporters, we reached 713,033 Somali children and families with lifesaving assistance.

Our 26 nutrition centers are where parents in hard-to-reach areas take their children for urgent treatment. They often have nowhere else to turn. We must be there for them.

This Giving Tuesday, make a lifesaving gift to reach more children in Somalia. Your gift will go directly to where the need is greatest—and make double the impact.