Photo: Florian Seriex for Action Against Hunger, Yemen
Photo: Florian Seriex for Action Against Hunger, Yemen
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The ongoing violence and insecurity in Yemen have pushed the nation into a devastating humanitarian crisis. Even prior to current conflict, families were facing severe hardship in Yemen, the poorest country in the Arab world.

The escalating armed conflict remains one of the main root causes of hunger and malnutrition in Yemen today. Additionally, the high rate of communicable diseases, minimal dietary diversity. and recurring
natural disasters, combined with a lack of commitment from donor countries, has exacerbated the situation. It has been estimated that more than half a million Yemeni children under five and more than a quarter of a million pregnant and breastfeeding Yemeni women suffered from acute malnutrition in 2020. 
Additionally, about half of Yemenis have no access to safe water and 55% have no access to soap. The COVID-19 pandemic further aggravated existing vulnerabilities and the sudden lockdown by neighboring states caused the remittances to plummet and subsequently weakened the average household purchasing power.

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Throughout 2020, Action Against Hunger's teams in Yemen provided integrated health and nutrition activities, including both prevention and treatment of malnutrition and other illnesses with water, sanitation, hygiene, mental health, gender, and protection components. 

Mothers and caregivers were at the heart of our activities, supported by a network of mother-leaders, trained to create awareness about infant and young child feeding. Female-headed households were given unconditional cash grants at the end of 2020, when the economic situation significantly deteriorated. 

Our team also installed solar panels for health facilities and field offices, producing minimum waste and using local materials. We also led the consortium focusing on mitigating the primary and secondary impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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