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The West Bank and Gaza are Palestinian Territories that have been under the contested control of Israel since the Six-Day War of 1967. The long-standing political tensions between Israel and Palestine over these disputed regions -- which include East Jerusalem -- may be decades in the making, but the end result is chronic political instability and severe trade restrictions that have had devastating impacts on local livelihoods, economic opportunities, sanitation conditions, and household food consumption, making life even more precarious for an already at-risk population.

2017 marked the 50th anniversary of the Israeli occupation and the 10th anniversary of the Gaza Strip blockade. The lack of any peace and reconciliation on the political horizon, along with the significant decline in donor support in recent years, has resulted in an unsustainable situation in the West Bank and Gaza. The situation remains highly volatile, with the land, air and sea blockade now entering its 11th year, effectively stifling all job opportunities and forcing almost a million Palestinians into food aid dependency.

With three and a half years now passed since the 2014 hostilities that resulted in destruction and loss of life, 2,500 Palestinian refugee families remain displaced and 50,000 homes are still waiting to be repaired.

2017 was marked by numerous restrictions on accessing our work zones and concrete activities but our teams on the ground, in coordination with our local partners, were able to effectively overcome these. Our objectives in the region are threefold: improve coverage of basic needs (water, sanitation, nutrition) for the most vulnerable, improve economic conditions by helping to restore relations between Israeli and Palestinian traders and producers, and facilitating policy change in support of humanitarian aims.

Action Against Hunger has carried out humanitarian programs in the Palestinian Territories since 2002, addressing needs in the West Bank and Gaza for revitalized livelihoods, income opportunities, improved access to water and sanitation, and nutritional support. Our teams worked to improve access to clean water and strengthen household sanitation in our efforts to prevent the spread of waterborne illnesses. We also constructed and rehabilitated pipelines and water points, addressed water needs among pastoralists and their livestock, and carried out public campaigns to educate women and students on efficient water usage and effective hygiene practices.

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