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Humanitarian needs continue to be acute for many Palestinians, who endure an environment of conflict with Israel and a peace process that has stagnated for many years. Gaza's isolation and the internal political divisions between the West Bank and Gaza are the most significant barriers to humanitarian aid. The blockade on goods and people, the burdensome controls on humanitarian work and the confiscation of assets by the authorities continue to affect Action Against Hunger’s work. 

In 2020, unstable funding, further political instability, and the COVID-19 crisis with its accompanying government restrictions and regulations led to the exacerbation of the needs of already marginalised communities, especially in the Gaza Strip, which is one of the most densely populated areas in the world.

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Last year, Action Against Hunger implemented 28 projects in Occupied Palestinian Territy, focusing on inclusive entrepreneurship, economic empowerment of young people and women, water, sanitation, hygiene, protection, food and cash assistance, psychosocial support, and strengthening of local capacities and health institutions. 

With the spread of COVID-19 and increasingly strict restrictions, interventions were especially tailored to build the resilience of Palestinians to circumnavigate the difficult circumstances. We conducted three rapid needs assessments, while consulting with local partners and government entities on the gaps to fill. While distributing hygiene and sanitation kits to marginalized communities and supporting health facilities, we continued to respond to the economic and protection needs of those most vulnerable people.

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