Photo: Freya Dowson for Action Against Hunger, Jordan
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People Helped in 2017: 46,112

People Reached by Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Programs 
People Reached by Food Security and Livelihoods Programs 

The ongoing influx of refugees, especially from Syria, puts increased pressure on the Jordanian economy and infrastructure. The number of refugees living in Jordan is now estimated at more than 1.3 million, with 79 percent residing in urban or rural communities and the remaining 21 percent in camps. 50,000 Syrians also remain stuck at the country’s northern border, in the hope of finding refuge in Jordan. 

The challenge is to provide refugees with basic livelihoods, and to support host communities in their immediate needs. The country's government has adopted the Jordanian Response Plan 2017-2019 to respond to this crisis, offering a resilience-based approach.

Our aim is to strengthen the resilience of Syrian refugees and vulnerable Jordanians by improving the institutional capacity of local and national partners. Action Against Hunger is recognized as the major player in the water, sanitation, and hygiene sector, and we are also contributing our expertise to mental health and child care practices. In addition, we have established "Cash for Work" and waste management programs to improve livelihoods.