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Nine years after the start of the Syrian conflict, the influx of refugees into Jordan have strained the Jordanian economy and its infrastructure. There are 654,700 registered refugees and about 83% of them live outside of refugee camps. The challenge is therefore to give refugees access to basic livelihoods and to offer support to host communities for their immediate needs. 

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In 2019, Action Against Hunger's team in Jordan provided water, sanitation, and hygiene, food security and livelihoods, and mental health services both host communities and refugee populations. We helped to improve access to water in home and public facilities, supported agricultural activities, strengthened mental health systems, established cash-for-work programs, raised awareness about water conservation, waste sorting and recycling, and worked to reduce mental health stigmas. 

By strengthening the institutional capacity of local and national partners, we aim to help increase the resilience of vulnerable Syrian and Jordanian refugees. Action Against Hunger is recognized as the major player in the water, sanitation, and hygiene sector. 


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