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Following a series of natural disasters and the typhoon season at the end of 2020, thousands of families in the Philippines were left in crisis. Armed conflicts and displacements in Mindanao remained unabated, and continued during the COVID-19 pandemic, causing 274,327 people to be displaced. Meeting adequate food needs remains a challenge for most vulnerable displaced people, whether in new, recurrent or prolonged displacements.

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Restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic caused a 9% contraction in GDP, affecting the government’s capacity to provide continuous support to those affected. Unemployment rates went up, in particular among young men between 15 and 24. Repatriated overseas workers were forced to return home to face an uncertain job market.

In 2020, our teams focused their efforts on emergency responses in the wake of natural disasters, conflict and internal displacement, and the COVID-19 pandemic. We addressed health, water, sanitation, and hygiene needs, and providing food assistance to the most vulnerable people. 

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