Flooding, August 2022: Unprecedented monsoon rains have forced one-third of the country underwater, destroying nearly one million homes, wiping out roads and bridges, displacing communities, and cutting off access to food and clean water. More than 1,030 people have died and 33 million people have been impacted by the floods. Action Against Hunger is responding by distributing hygiene and sanitation kits, building handwashing stations, improving food security and access to income, and providing essential health services and mental health care.
Photo: Khaula Jamil for Action Against Hunger, Pakistan
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Pakistan has South Asia’s second largest economy, but inequality, poverty, conflict and limited access to basic social services have limited its development. The country is vulnerable to frequent climate shocks, such as floods and droughts, leaving millions at risk of hunger and in need of humanitarian assistance. Pakistan also hosts millions of refugees from neighboring Afghanistan, which strains resources in host communities.

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Action Against Hunger works to address the combined effects of natural disasters and COVID-19, providing food security, livelihoods, water, sanitation, and hygiene support in the most affected districts. We promote sustainable and climate-resilient agricultural mechanization to improve agricultural production, and supported incomes and job creation by training farmers and youth. Working with partners, we invest in building local capacity and help to strengthen the health system to provide healthcare and nutrition services. 

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