An Action Against Hunger field worker screens a young girl in Pakistan for malnutrition.
Photo: E. Diaz for Action Against Hunger, Pakistan
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People Helped in 2018: 334,588

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Pakistan has South Asia’s second largest economy. However, entrenched poverty, social inequality, and limited access to basic social services—along with conflict and natural disasters—have limited its development. 45% of children suffer from stunted growth due to undernutrition. In addition to being frequently affected by natural disasters, the country ranks seventh among the most vulnerable to global warming. 

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The country faces persistent drought, specifically in the provinces of Sindh and Balochistan, resulting in food insecurity and ultimately an increase in undernutrition. In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, numerous population displacements took place as a result of the crisis. Here, 48% of children are stunted and the overall acute malnutrition rate is 17.3%.

The humanitarian space is limited, but in 2018 we managed to maintain dialogue with the authorities for the coming years. Supported by local partners, our strategy is to link our nutrition programs with water, sanitation and hygiene, and food security activities. In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, we set up an emergency project. As part of this project we built six therapeutic centres, offered care to 1,158 patients, had 4,243 children increase their additional micronutrient intake, and trained 90 mother-to-mother support groups. We treated severely malnourished children, and supported 500 households with cereal cultivation and 800 households with vegetable gardens. In July 2018, we launched a project with other NGOs aiming to supporting the Government of Sindh in the effective implementation of its nutrition policy.

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