An Action Against Hunger field worker screens a boy in Nepal for malnutrition.
Photo: Stéphane Remael for Action Against Hunger, Nepal
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People Helped in 2017: 213,724

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After a decade of unstable governments and armed conflicts, law and order are still tenuous at best in Nepal, where a culture of impunity persists. Nepal is the most exposed country in the world to natural disasters due to its geography. The location of the country and the vulnerability of its population to natural disasters are worsened by the climatic change on a worldwide level. Field surveys have identified alarming rates of malnutrition.

Action Against Hunger reopened its mission in Nepal in 2011 to develop nutrition and health programs to address Nepal’s endemic childhood malnutrition, collaborating closely with the Nepalese Health and Population Ministry. Our response to the earthquake of 2015, involving a multisectoral operational program in shelter, sanitation and hygiene and psychosocial support extended into 2017. Two other programs were introduced: a humanitarian aid program for people affected by the flooding in Rautahat and a multisectoral program aimed at strengthening the food security and nutritional situation of the vulnerable families in Nawalparasi. A field survey was also carried out in Saptari. In 2017, 138,454 people benefited from our activities led in partnership with seven civil society partners, as well as with the district authorities. Our strategy was to strengthen the operational capacities of our local partners and transfer the necessary competence to them. This also required a strong advocacy towards large- scale nutritional operational programs in the country.


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