An Action Against Hunger field worker screens a boy in Nepal for malnutrition.
Photo: Stéphane Remael for Action Against Hunger, Nepal
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After a decade of unstable governments and armed conflicts, law and order are still tenuous at best in Nepal, where a culture of impunity persists. One-third of the Nepalese population lives below the poverty line. Agriculture, the backbone of the Nepalese economy, is the main source of livelihood for 80% of the population.

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Nepal is also among the countries most vulnerable to natural disasters: due to its geographical location in the Himalayas, within a high-risk earthquake zone, more than 80% of the country's population is frequently threatened by floods, landslides, storms or earthquakes. In addition, field surveys have revealed alarming malnutrition rates.

In 2019, Action Against Hunger provided integrated management of acute malnutrition in Nawalparasi East and West districts, treating severely malnourished children through 28 outpatient therapeutic care centers and two inpatient therapeutic care centers. Our teams carried out nutrition-sensitive food security and livelihoods programs that included home gardening, mushroom farming, poultry and integrated shed management. We also implemented water and sanitation reconstruction and rehabilitation activities in the districts highly affected by the 2015 earthquake, Nuwakot and Rasuwa.

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