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With one of the fastest growing economies, India is now the one of the top five of the world’s largest economies, and is showing continuous improvement with a high life expectancy, literacy rate, and health conditions. Among the country’s 1.2 billion inhabitants the conditions for those living in poorer regions are comparable to those of some of the world’s poorest countries.

Improved food security and access has led to fewer malnourished and anaemic Indians in 2017 than in the preceding decade. However, the 2018 Global Nutrition Report has shown that India needs to do much more to meet its nutrition goals. India is currently not on track to achieve any of the World Health Organization’s nine nutrition goals by 2025, among which reducing child overweight, wasting and stunting, diabetes among women and men, anaemia in women of reproductive age and obesity among women and men, and increasing exclusive breastfeeding.

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Although India has shown improvement in reducing child stunting, with 46.6 million stunted children the country is still home to over 30.9% of all stunted children under five, the highest rate in the world. Undernutrition in India is the product of the usual suspects: widespread poverty, endemic hunger, rapid population growth, pockets of weak governance, poor health systems and unreliable national indicators, all of which are compounded by issues of caste, ethnicity, religion and gender. Furthermore, India has shown no progress with regards to six other global nutrition goals. There is a strong need to reduce these numbers, as India still bears 23.8% of the global burden of malnutrition.

In 2019, Action Against Hunger India developed numerous projects focusing on nutrition, food security, and water, sanitation and hygiene. We treated 755 children with severe acute malnutrition, provided 3,777 children with preventive nutrition supplementation. Additionally, 4,532 children benefitted from our counselling and home visits and received support to tackle malnutrition. 

Our teams developed a multi-sectoral project in Dharni, using an integrated approach to fight malnutrition. To further improve the impact of our work, we strengthened our collaboration with the local government to increase coordination and develop a deeper sense of mutual responsibility towards tackling malnutrition. 

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