Photo: Guy Calaf for Action Against Hunger, Cambodia
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People Helped in 2018: 41,237

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In Cambodia, the impressive economic growth of the last decade has had little impact on the most vulnerable people, who face significant deterioration of their livelihoods due to deforestation and climate change. Nutrition remains a major concern and represents a lost economic opportunity: estimates show the country may be losing as much as $420 million of Gross National Income annually due to malnutrition.

Malnutrition rates are high: 32% of children under five are chronically malnourished and 10% are severely malnourished. Without adequate, sustained investments in nutrition, the Sustainable Development Goals will not be realized in Cambodia.

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Our teams aim to improve hygiene, nutrition, and health practices at the community, household, and individual levels, focusing on pregnant and breastfeeding women, and children under two years old. As part of our integrated approach, our team has developed a multi-sectoral intervention model. By building the capacity of local stakeholders and communities, we work to reduce undernutrition in a comprehensive and sustainable way, and to reduce the impacts of climate change. Additionally, in partnership with Google, we have developed two interactive digital games, (mobile applications uploaded onto special tablets), which our teams and community partners use to prevent malnutrition by educating children, mothers, and other caregivers on healthy diets, nutrition, sanitation, and hygiene.

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