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As a politically fragmented, natural disaster-prone nation, Afghanistan has long faced levels of chronic insecurity, internal displacement, and widespread poverty that has subjected its populations to ongoing hardships and recurring humanitarian crises. Communities remain food insecure for a range of reasons, from the cumulative impacts of multiple droughts, erratic climate shocks and seasonal flooding, a lack of infrastructure and limited access to markets -- problems that are especially acute among vulnerable populations in remote regions.

As a result, Afghanistan ranks poorly on basic human development indicators, with millions dependent on humanitarian assistance to survive -- a situation that has grown more complicated over the past decade with the Western military intervention and infighting among armed groups.

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Action Against Hunger has worked in Afghanistan for two decades, and continuously since 1995, providing a range of lifesaving services while addressing the underlying conditions that give rise to deadly malnutrition and food insecurity, ensuring access to basic services and reducing vulnerability among communities faced with a number of threats to their security and well being.

In 2019, our teams implemented several multi-sector projects to meet the needs of the most vulnerable people. We work to address immediate and life-threatening needs arising from ongoing conflict and frequent natural disasters. Our teams provided 24,351 people with multi-purpose cash and helped families get through a tough winter. We also implemented emergency responses targeting malnourished children and those impacted by drought. an emergency winterization response.

Action Against Hunger in Afghanistan is recognized for its expertise in health and nutrition. We deploy mobile health teams, as well as rapid intervention teams in difficult-to-access areas, which reached 3,226 children with severe acute malnutrition and provided primary health care consultations to 30,992 young children and 3,665 pregnant and breastfeeing women. Mental health and psychosocial support are also part of the services provided by these mobile health teams. In Helmand, we established a new therapeutic feeding unit in 2019 to treat children suffering from severe malnutrition.

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