Migrants from Venezuela arrive at the border with Colombia.
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In 2020, political instability again marked the rhythm of life in Venezuela. The economy further deteriorated, and the arrival of COVID-19 has left 25% of the population - or more than seven million people - in urgent need of humanitarian assistance and protection. 

In the face of growing demand for medical attention and healthcare, hospitals, water distribution systems, and internal supply chains struggled to adapt. Data from the last months of 2020 showed that chronic malnutrition reached a prevalence of 26% within the communities where Action Against Hunger operates.

In partnership with local NGOs, we focused on mitigating the impact of the restrictive measures with an integrated approach, prioritizing women and children under five. Our teams reached 70% more people than in 2019, launching innovative programs, including the distribution of menstrual cups and reusable menstrual towels.

While schools and community centers were closed, we quickly switched to a household-focused approach. Monthly food and hygiene kits were distributed in six states, while water and sanitation rehabilitation activities were carried out in five. We also launched a country-wide education campaign, providing information on COVID-19 prevention, food manipulation and water treatment practices, as well as key information on prevention and detection of malnutrition. 

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