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Nicaragua, one of the poorest countries in Central America, has been contending for decades with issues around access to basic sanitation, high rates of chronic child malnutrition, and its vulnerabilities to natural disasters. Action Against Hunger has been working in the country since 1996, setting up programs focused on food security, nutrition, health, water, and other basic services. We implement programs that recognize the importance of active participation of both the people we serve and of civil society in defining priorities and following through with action.

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In recent years, there have been constant changes in weather patterns in Central America. Recurrent periods of drought have had devastating effects on food and nutrition security and access to water. In the Dry Corridor region, which includes Nicaragua and Honduras, drought events have been damaging and are eroding the fragile livelihoods of families that are especially exposed.

The situation in Central America has remained vulnerable to socioeconomic, environmental, and climate shocks, resulting in greater political insecurity and instability. In Nicaragua, the current socio-political crisis has impacted livelihoods for a large part of the population, contributing to the forced mass migration of young people. In this context, the space for action by civil society and humanitarian organizations has been reduced.

Action Against Hunger's teams work to improve resilience,  working with public and private partners, as well as local and national authorities. 

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