Young girls sit at a market stall in Colombia.
Photo: Susana Vera for Action Against Hunger, Colombia
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People Helped in 2020: 213,157

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Active in Colombia since 1998, Action Against Hunger has worked with vulnerable communities displaced by conflict and political instability, as well as those affected by frequent natural disasters, such as recurring floods. Our long-standing activities in nutrition and health, water, sanitation and hygiene, and longer-term food security have provided life-sustaining support for tens of thousands of Colombians faced with humanitarian challenges.

Colombia continues to face multiple crises related to migration, conflict, and structural poverty. The implementation of the peace accords is at risk, and assassinations of social leaders, mainly in rural areas, have increased. In addition, the vulnerability of 1.8 million migrants from Venezuela has increased due to pandemic restrictions, and their livelihoods have been affected, especially in border areas and urban contexts.

Eight out of ten families in vulnerable situations cannot meet their basic needs. Due to pandemic-related lockdowns, many formal and informal jobs were affected. It’s estimated that the number of unemployed people reached five million, with migrants – among whom the unemployment rate grew by six points – especially affected by this contraction of the economy.

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In 2020, Action Against Hunger supported 213,157 people in Colombia, increasing our coverage by 59.4% compared to 2019. We focused on health and nutrition assessments, the delivery of micronutrients, and treatment for malnutrition. Our teams also worked to stop the spread of COVID-19 through the delivery of hygiene supplies and by raising awareness of prevention measures. We also  distributed food
and multi-purpose cash transfers to families in need.


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