Photo: Guy Calaf for Action Against Hunger, Uganda
Photo: Guy Calaf for Action Against Hunger, Uganda
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People Helped in 2020: 214,460

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Uganda is the largest refugee-hosting country in Africa. The large numbers of displaced people has put immense pressure on humanitarian operations amidst reduced funding. The refugee response has shifted to meet longer-term needs, specifically livelihood- and resilience-focused interventions. Still, basic immediate needs, such as water, sanitation, hygiene, and health services, remain urgent in both settlements and host communities.

In 2020, the situation for refugees was dominated by the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, with border closures in March dramatically reducing the number of new arrivals. With trade, movement, and livelihoods activities curtailed, dietary diversity and malnutrition rates slightly worsened over the year. However, food prices remained relatively static due to good harvests. Across Uganda, climate change is affecting rainfall patterns and leading to more unpredictable agricultural production.

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In 2020, Action Against Hunger Uganda’s nutrition program reached 81,958 children and pregnant women in five refugee settlements, providing supplementary feeding for 59,750 young children and new mothers to prevent malnutrition, and treating 13,768 acutely malnourished children, pregnant women, and mothers. These services were provided through health facilities and care groups established in the settlements. They were complemented by education on a variety of topics, including hygiene, sanitation, food preparation, home gardening, healthy diet, health-service referral pathways, and gender-based violence.

Our food security and livelihoods programs supported 53,984 people with food vouchers, agricultural inputs, trainings, market linkages, establishment of savings and loan associations, income generating activities, skills training, and small business start-up support, in order to increase self- reliance and resilience. Our water, sanitation, and hygiene teams helped 5,000 people by building household latrine, installing handwashing stations, and implementing community sanitation campaigns.

To mitigate the impact of COVID-19, our teams developed a series of adaptations to conduct group trainings and community engagement activities while respecting social distancing guidelines.


"This was a turning point in my life. I can manage my basic needs now. I have enough food to stock my house, I've sent my youngest child back to school, and I'm able to manage the hospital bills for my son. Now I have the courage to work even harder."—Margaret Akello, farmer, mother, and participant in Action Against Hunger livelihoods program, Uganda

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