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Although Senegal has one of the most stable economies in West Africa, it also has high rates of poverty and unemployment—around half of the population lives below the poverty line. Senegal struggles with high rates of maternal and infant mortality, malaria, and other diseases, but the national health system is not equipped to provide services for those in need, especially in rural areas. These underserved populations are at greater risk for malnutrition and related illnesses.

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In 2018, Senegal and the cross-border region with Mauritania experienced their third drought period in six years, after 2011 and 2014. As a result, food insecurity affected 245,000 people in four districts. Podor and Matam suffered the highest rates of acute malnutrition in the country: 18% and 16.5% respectively, according to our latest nutrition surveys.

We provide broad emergency response to the nutrition crisis that has affected the border areas of northern Senegal and southern Mauritania, especially the pastoral populations. We coordinate the response with the main humanitarian actors in the country, and we are implementing several emergency projects in the northern provinces of Matam, Podor and Louga.

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