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Although Senegal has one of the most stable economies in West Africa, it also has high rates of poverty and unemployment—around half of the population lives below the poverty line. Senegal struggles with high rates of maternal and infant mortality, malaria, and other diseases, but the national health system is not equipped to provide services for those in need, especially in rural areas. These underserved populations are at greater risk for malnutrition and related illnesses.

Northern Senegal is facing a humanitarian crisis caused by poor rainfall in 2017 and low grassland yields. The lean period arrived early in March, hitting the most vulnerable families. In some departments in the north of the country, including Kanel, Matam, Podor and Ranérou, the situation is already precarious.

It is estimated that almost 550,000 people are suffering from food insecurity and, although recent nutrition surveys show some improvements, these are still patchy. 814,000 people require humanitarian assistance.

In 2017, a year in which a major food crisis was expected in the north of the country, our teams worked to integrate treatment of malnutrition into the national health systems in the most vulnerable regions in the north of the country, and implemented multisector development actions.

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