An Action Against Hunger field worker cares for a malnourished boy in Liberia.
Photo: ACF-Liberia, V. Burger
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177 (out of 188 countries ranked)
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People Helped in 2016: 73,329

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Liberia suffered greatly during the 14 year civil war that tore the country apart. Despite the formal end of hostilities with the Accra Peace Agreement of 2003, the effects of this protracted, devastating conflict can still be seen today as Liberians grapple with a legacy of destroyed infrastructure, widespread poverty, very poor living conditions, and malnutrition rates of more than 20% for children under five years of age.

Heavily dependent on rubber export and the import of raw materials, Liberia’s economy is vulnerable to even the smallest shifts in global prices, which only reinforces the day-to-day economic insecurity that affects so many in the country.

Saving lives in Liberia

Action Against Hunger has been present in Liberia since 1991, assisting at-risk communities with nutrition programs, expanding access to clean water, and investing in longer-term food security activities.

A fragile country still in transition, Liberia is still in need of significant support from the global community, and we’re committed to continuing our work with the country’s most vulnerable populations. In 2012 alone, our teams directly assisted over 90,000 people, reaching thousands of others through our capacity-building efforts with the government of Liberia.

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