Mothers in Djibouti feed their malnourished children ready-to-use therapeutic food.
Photo: ACF-Djibouti
Human Development Index
172 (out of 188 countries ranked)
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People Helped in 2016: 6,154

People Received Nutritional Support 
People Accessed Safe Water and Sanitation 
People Gained Economic Self Sufficiency 

A small, resource-poor country located in Eastern Africa, Djibouti relies almost entirely on imported food and natural resources, a situation exacerbated by the severe droughts across the region. Given its location, Djibouti serves as a shipping hub for much of Eastern Africa, and as a result has a vibrant, large urban population. However, a third of the population is spread across hundreds of rural villages, which presents logistical difficulties in accessing healthcare and food.

Crisis in the Horn of Africa

Action Against Hunger began working in Djibouti at the height of the 2011 crisis across the Horn of Africa, when it was estimated that a quarter of the country’s population (over 200,000 people) was suffering from severe food shortages and that the devastation of crops across the region would lead to food security issues for years to come.

Emergency care and nationwide support

Currently, our teams are focused on providing access to clean water, improved sanitation and hygiene services, and lifesaving nutritional care for those most in need. We support six emergency care facilities across the country, with a base in Djibouti city.

In addition to the the thousands we help each year, we have been working closely with the Ministry of Health and their national health staff to improve the management and treatment of malnutrition through the country’s health system. This holistic approach ensures that communities can access lifesaving emergency care while building the infrastructure needed for the long term.

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