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Since gaining independence in 1960, Chad has suffered from political instability, social unrest, and conflicts with neighboring countries. This has left the country with poor infra­structure, an unstable government and a dire humani­tarian situation. Chad faces simultaneous crises of population movements, food insecurity and malnutrition, and health, all fueled by the effects of climate change, attacks by armed groups in the Lake Chad basin, and political and security instability in neighboring countries. 

More than 600,000 people in Chad face severe acute food insecurity and require emergency food assistance. Nationally, 57% of the population has no access to drinking water and 90% do not have adequate sanitation. Additionally, COVID-19 restrictions have affected household incomes and led to higher food prices.

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In 2020, Action Against Hunger in Chad promoted community approaches to prevent and treat malnutrition and other childhood illnesses, including care groups to encourage behavior change and empower community members. Our teams implement collective income-generating activities, allowing women beneficiaries to become more independent and take charge of additional household expenses by diversifying their sources of income.

As part of our work to promote food diversification, support for market gardening groups has improved social cohesion and promoted growth of off-season crops, increasing the availability of food during lean periods. Our teams also provided psychosocial support to those impacted by the Lake Chad crisis as well as mothers and children in the Logone Oriental area. We also expanded our water, sanitation, and hygiene interventions in 2020.

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