Central African Republic

Photo: Christophe Da Silva for Action Against Hunger, Central African Republic
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The landlocked Central African Republic is one of the poorest nations in the world, located in an extremely volatile region and beset by constant political instability and upheaval. In 2020, there several episodes of violence between armed groups or between communities, particularly during the seasonal movement of livestock. The election period at the end of the year sparked a new round of violence across the country. 

An estimated 2.6 million people were in need in 2020, or more than half of the population, and the combined effects of conflict and the COVID-19 pandemic have exacerbated this situation. At the end of 2020, before the election period, 640,715 people were displaced inside the country and around 598,427 others were refugees in neighboring countries.

Malnutrition is a major public health problem in Central African Republic, linked to structural causes. Little or no clean drinking water in many communities exposes people to waterborne diseases. There are also significant protection needs for people who have been traumatized by armed conflict.

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Action Against Hunger focuses on local partnerships and capacity-building. Our nutrition teams support integrated healthcare programs and provide technical nutrition expertise to the Pediatric Center in the capital city, Bangui.

Our water, sanitation, and hygiene teams provide rapid response to support displaced people and to tackle the nutrition and health crises. Mobile food fairs, in collaboration with local traders, also were also part of our mobile response to prevent hunger. In recovering and more stable areas, we helped to restore community activity and revive agricultural land and production. Out mental health teams also work to strengthen the psychosocial resilience of community members who have suffered trauma and shock.

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