Photo: Fabien Touzard for Action Against Hunger, Cameroon
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153 (out of 188 countries ranked)
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People Helped in 2017: 151,789

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Given its geographic location and economic stability, Cameroon represents a land of refuge for those displaced from neighboring countries. Political strife in the Central African Republic, as well as violence linked to the rise of Boko Haram in the Lake Chad region, have both resulted in an influx of refugees and internally displaced persons.

In 2017, the Far North region was sheltering more than 2.4 million refugees and displaced people. 250,000 refugees from the Central African Republic have sought shelter in the east of the country. More broadly, 3.9 million people in Cameroon face food insecurity, primarily in the Far North, North, Adamaoua, and East regions.

We have ended our emergency programs with Central African refugees and host communities in the east of the country, with the long-term goal of setting up projects to empower these populations and strengthen their livelihoods. The Maroua base in the Far North, opened in 2016, now supports all health centers in Tokombere and Goulfey districts in order to improve the health system and primary health care. Support activities for water, sanitation, and hygiene have also helped improve access to clean water and reduced water-borne illnesses. A rapid response project was launched in Mayo Sava and Mayo Tsanaga districts to undertake multi-sector assessments of newly displaced populations and respond to their basic needs, including essential water, sanitation, and hygiene needs.