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Given its geographic location and economic stability, Cameroon represents a land of refuge for those displaced from neighboring countries. Political strife in the Central African Republic, as well as violence linked to the rise of Boko Haram in the Lake Chad region, have both resulted in an influx of refugees and internally displaced persons.

The country hosts about 275,000 Central African refugees and about 102,000 Nigerian refugee. More than 240,000 people are internally displaced in the Far North Region. Violence in English-speaking areas has led to population displacement and significant humanitarian needs. 

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More than 220,000 people in Cameroon face food insecurity, primarily in the Far North Region. The sanitation and nutrition situations are also critical. Displaced people, as well as the most vulnerable among host populations, are dependent on humanitarian aid.

In eastern Cameroon, we work with refugees from the Central African Republic and host communities to implement projects focused on empowerment and strengthening livelihoods. We support all of the health centers in Tokombere and Goulfey districts to help improve the health system and primary health care. Our teams also improved access to safe water and to reduce waterborne diseases.

Together with partners, we are strengthening the resilience and nutrition security of communities through programs focused on health and nutrition; water, sanitation and hygiene; food security; advocacy, and supporting local governance.

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