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23.3 million
Human Development Index
153 (out of 188 countries ranked)
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98 employees
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People Helped in 2016: 87,422

People Received Nutritional Support 
People Accessed Safe Water and Sanitation 
People Gained Economic Self Sufficiency 

Due to its geographical location and its economic and political stability, Cameroon has always been a prosperous land of refuge for people from neighboring countries. The unrest in the neighboring Central African Republic since 2013 has led to the exodus of 112,420 Central Africans, many into Cameroon. 

The international community has responded by setting up shelter locations for the influx of refugees. We started intervening in July 2014, working with refugees in Mbile and Lolo to provide nutrition, health, and mental health care services.

Our nutrition work is focused on setting up community networks to identify and track cases of acute malnutrition. In the area of mental health, we're working in 14 spaces across three camps to conduct individual and small group sessions to help parents and children get back on their feet. We've also hosted awareness sessions on good hygiene and food preparation practices, improving the resilience of the affected population.