Burkina Faso

18.1 million
Human Development Index
185 (out of 188 countries ranked)
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People Helped in 2020: 477,082

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Burkina Faso is a resource-poor, landlocked country whose struggling economy is heavily dependent on rainfed agriculture to support a massively expanding population amidst successive waves of floods and droughts. Beyond being confronted with rapid urbanization, widespread inflation, cholera outbreaks, and an AIDS pandemic, the country has also been buffeted by the regional food shortages and drought experienced across the Sahel, with low rainfall devastating agricultural yields and increasing food prices.

The security and humanitarian situation in Burkina Faso continued to deteriorate in 2020, as armed groups intensified, intercommunal clashes increased, and more than a million people were displaced inside the country. More than two million people face food insecurity and 25% of children under five years old suffer from chronic malnutrition. More than 2.6 million children under five years old are acutely malnourished, including 151,214 who suffer from severe acute malnutrition, the deadliest form of hunger. The COVID-19 pandemic increased pressure on the health sector, with more than 294 local health centers already closed or providing a minimum service due to conflict, limiting access to care for more than one million people. 

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As insecurity worsened in all regions of Burkina Faso last year, Action Against Hunger focused on our emergency response, and extended our reach by opening new bases in Dori and Ouahigouya to support health, nutrition, and protection needs and improve access to basic services for children, pregnant women, and breastfeeding mothers. 

Our Rapid Response Mechanism project expanded, allowing our team to provide urgent water, sanitation, hygiene, food security, and livelihoods support to displaced people. Despite the increase in humanitarian needs, we worked to improve longer-term food insecurity and socioeconomic positions of small farmers and small businesses in the Hauts-Bassins region. 

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Action Against Hunger provided personal protective equipment to our teams and partners, maintained social distancing rules, reinforced handwashing measures, and increased awareness of healthy hygiene practices. We distributed 11,000 masks and 250 hygiene kits, and raised awarenes among more than 13,000 people. 

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