International field positions salary & benefits package

Action Against Hunger’s remuneration package includes:



Field allowances


other benefits


SalaryAnnual salary
Your gross (untaxed) annual salary will reflect your post’s seniority & your cumulative weighted work experience. Action Against Hunger field salaries are paid in USD.

  • Program Managers: from $27,000 - $33,600 per annum
  • Coordinators: from $32,400 - $41,400 per annum
  • Deputy Country Directors: from $37,200 - $47,400 per annum
  • Country Directors: from $43,800 – $54,900 per annum

The Action Against Hunger salary scale is reviewed periodically. The most recent review was implemented in 2013. All Action Against Hunger employees are responsible for determining where they should pay taxes & ensuring that these are filed on time.

Salary IncreasePerformance-based salary increases
You may be entitled to receive salary increases for every 12 months you work in the field with Action Against Hunger at the same level of responsibility. Salary increases are based on the result of your annual performance appraisal.


field allowances

Per DiemPer Diem & living allowance
You will be paid per diem (in local currency) for all days you are working in your country of assignment. You will also be entitled to a monthly living allowance (in local currency). These allowances are determined by each country’s cost of living & are a contribution towards everyday expenses while on assignment. 

You will either be provided with accommodation in an Action Against Hunger approved residence for the duration of your assignment or a fixed accommodation allowance as a contribution towards your accommodation costs. 

Action Against Hunger  will fly you from your home to your place of assignment & then back home at the end of your assignment. If you extend your assignment more than 3 months after completing a 12-month contract you’ll receive a return ticket home for your annual vacation. 

Health InsuranceHealth & other insurances
Action Against Hunger will provide you with medical, dental, vision & medical evacuation insurance while you’re on assignment. You will also be covered for accidental death & dismemberment insurance while additional insurances (short-term disability, long-term disability & life insurance) are offered for long-term employees.

Child AllowanceChild allowance
We will offer a monthly child allowance for 5 children (18 years and below) as a contribution towards the cost of providing for them, irrespective of whether your children will reside with you in the field or in your home country.

Staff with children that are home-based are entitled to $150/month for 1st 3 children, $75 for 4th and $37.50 for 5th. If you are with your child in the field, a family can claim a maximum of $15,000 per year as per rules and regulations.

TransportationBreak allowance & flights
As a contribution towards your break costs, for each R&R (rest & recuperation) break Action Against Hunger will provide you with a break allowance of $300, as well as paying a return economy flight & visa fees to your mission’s reference point. 

Cold Country
Hardship allowance

A hardship allowance may be considered for certain countries and added to your monthly salary.


leave benefits

R&R BenefitsR&R Breaks
To help you work effectively in the difficult contexts where Action Against Hunger works, you will be entitled to at least 1 R&R break (5 working days) every 3-6 months depending on the country. 

VacationPaid annual leave (vacation)
While working in the field with Action Against Hunger you will accrue 2.5 calendar days of paid vacation per month, or 30 calendar days per year. You will be able to attach vacation days to your R&R breaks after working 3 months in the field.  

LeaveOther leaves
You will be entitled to accrue sick leave from the start of your contract. During your assignment you may also be entitled to maternity leave, paternity leave & bereavement leave.  

LeaveRetirement Plan
You will be able to contribute to an employee only retirement savings plan. For US expats, you will be able to contribute through our tax deferred investment 403(b) retirement plan in the US. Our Third Country Nationals (Non-US Staff), will be able to contribute through our plan located in the Isle of Man. 

Pre-Departure BriefingPre-departure briefings
Action Against Hunger considers your briefings an essential part of your pre-departure preparation. These are the joint responsibility of both Action Against Hunger’s managers & each individual employee. HQ briefings are usually conducted via phone or Skype, while in-country briefings are most often completed in person. 

Field TrainingOnboarding
Before leaving for the field, or within your first 90 days of working with Action Against Hunger, you will be inducted to the ways of working of Action Against Hunger USA through our blended learning approach. 

Performance AppraisalsPerformance Management
Action Against Hunger has a robust performance management approach that ensures you receive regular feedback about your work goals, objectives and behavior and support needed. Our approach encompasses a monthly 10-minute conversation, annual performance appraisal and an end of assignment appraisal. 

TrainingLearning and development opportunities
Action Against Hunger is committed to developing the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of all employees, to the extent that this is possible. Many development opportunities exist & you’ll be encouraged to make use of these to grow and learn in your field of expertise.  

DebriefExit interviews
Exit Interviews will be the final step in your assignment in the country office. Action Against Hunger will provide you with the opportunity to give your valuable feedback about your experience working with us. They are completed in-person with your country team &/or online with HQ and Regional Managers. 

Career OpportunitiesCareer opportunities within the Action Against Hunger network
All open field positions, in all countries where Action Against Hunger works are available on our Careers Page. Multiple career paths are open to staff who perform well. Check our website for stories of how different Action Against Hunger leaders have developed professionally within the Action Against Hunger network.  

When you join Action Against Hunger as an international field employee your work will not only be interesting and challenging, but you will also be provided with a comprehensive remuneration package, tailored to life in the field.

Action Against Hunger is the world’s hunger specialist and leader in a global movement that aims to end life-threatening hunger for good within our lifetimes. For more than 40 years, the humanitarian and development organization has been on the front lines, treating and preventing hunger across nearly 50 countries. It served more than 17 million people in 2019 alone.